Champions of Rivercrest

Two Strangers Become Two Friends

Adira and Fenugreek walk into the abandoned wooden village. They meet the party, looking for mistletoe. The party decided to help them search for some while Luc and Cronk rested up. They found some mistletoe and Thorn turned into a wolf to track more by scent. While they were picking the mistletoe Iric climbed a tree and spotted a giant tree house in the distance away from the road. He climbed down, told the others about it, and they went back to get Luc and Cronk to try to find the tree house.

Along the way they ran into seven goblins, whom they tripped up by making a grease ring around the party, then they tried to talk to them (Tree House? No I said Free House). When one of the goblins pulled a sword, Cronk acted quickly to cut it down. Luc followed suit by burning the rest (also causing a small forest fire to light). A short time later they were found by Gwoelian, part of an elven patrol. He brought them to the Cruendithas elves village where they stayed the night and then talked to Criracan the elder of the village the following morning. He sent them on their way with some rations and a guide.

After getting back to the wooden ruins they got their mules ready and headed south. When they got to Seaport, it quickly became clear that Fenugreek is well known. He introduced the party to the blacksmith that made the buckles for his shoes, Bullox. They then went to the Thirsty Lobster where they got fermented lobster ale. They learn that Welahan is not a great mayor and decide to talk to him about the trade route and see if he is as bad as people say. They go the next morning.

Travel with scared teamster.
Charm the toll goblin.
Daren pandeer pays.

Catching a Criminal and Restoring the Faith

The group noticed that someone had put up a board advertising odd jobs around town. One caught their eyes, a request from Gamond for investigative services. They went to Gamond’s stall in the square where he keeps his confidence shop. He explained that he sells people confidence in the uncertain times. Specifically he sold a confidence policy to Timond Fidet, whose barn was burned down during the last goblin raid on the town. Gamond has a funny feeling about the incident, and asks the group to find proof that goblins were the culprit, or if they were not, proof of whoever it was.

The party made their way to Timond’s farm to look for any clues and talk to Timond himself.


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